Social media websites and electronic mails have been successful in connecting the students and teachers in a way that was not possible before it. The formal chain of communication between the tutors and pupils has been made easier and a lot less complicated. The students feel confident and secure while communicating with the teachers from behind their laptop and computer screens and can ask for dissertation help or homework help without worrying about the facial expressions like tightening of lip and raising of eyebrows of the teacher.

E-mails have also helped teachers to send out important notices and reports of the students to their respective parents. Neither a student nor a teacher has to wait for a time to come for face-to-face interaction to talk about documents and notes important to the course. Tutors can act like homework helpers over the e-mail, to assist their students to perform better and in return provide a little fame to their style of teaching and appreciate the measures they take to ensure students’ success.

EMAILYOURHOMEWORK.COM would like to talk about the advantages of using e-mails as a convenient mode of communication amongst teachers, students and parents.

  • Teachers’ interaction with the students:

    It has become convenient for the teachers to keep the students informed about the topics that will be relevant to the teaching. Teachers can send out one copy to the group of students over e-mail and can avoid getting it Photostat to distribute in the class. Important instructions like certain changes in the instructed work, cancellation of the class or the extra lecture can be communicated over e-mail. The best use of the e-mail is by letting pupils know about the last minute change in plan. Students can also ask questions in a group or on individual chat and the teachers can answer them. A new message need not be composed every time one wants to share the information or document to another; he can simply forward the e-mail.

  • Interactions amongst students:

    It is more convenient and easy for the students to communicate with one another; they can contact their classmates regarding the assignments and homework in the case of difficulty and confusion. E-mails allow the students to communicate with more than one person at a time. This is beneficial if they are working on a project group or deciding where to meet to conduct an experiment or research. The students are in sync with one another, which helps students know exactly what their next step is going to be.

  • Teachers’ interaction with the parents:

    parents and teachers can communicate outside the classroom setting. This helps parents talk about their child and know his/her progress in the class, exceptionally beneficial for working parents. Via e-mail teachers can inform the parents about the field-trips, educational-trips, parent and teacher conference, and other major events that are essential to be in their knowledge.

Students often consort to hiring online tutors from college homework help websites, who also keep in touch with them via e-mail and chats. E-mail has bridged the gap between the three main pillars of the education institute, i.e. parents, teachers and students, and its use is highly recommended by everyone.

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