The revolution in technology has brought with itself huge advantages to benefit from especially in the sphere of teaching and learning, i.e. in academia. Now many professors in universities and teachers in schools, as well as tutors from educational institutes, agree on the fact that e-mails are the best means of formal communication and an opportunity for them to provide their students dissertation help and various academic tips.
It is a well-known fact to every homework helper in the world that giving every student attention in the class or lecture is next to impossible, which is why e-mail provides an alternative to that commotion. On the virtual platform, the students will be able to have one on one interaction with the teacher without having to feel embarrassed about his or her doubts. If many of you teachers still doubt the technology then maybe these points will help you gain a clearer perspective:

  • You will able to inform the students about the canceled lectures and classes that will be rescheduled for another time.
  • With one single click, you will have the luxury to send the article or background information or any kind of relevant material to the whole class in the group e-mail.
  • You will be able to make your own contribution to the mother nature because the students will submit the work to you on e-mail which means less and fewer trees to be cut down to make paper.
  • The power point presentations or dissertations will be easy to access prior to the final presentation and you will be able to mark the areas that the students need to improve. This will save you from wasting time in checking the projects that are incorrect and the students from getting their grades deducted.
  • If your institute provides free Wi-Fi then staying in touch with the students will no longer be a problem. It is because the students can miss anything but a free Wi-Fi.

The students too should take responsibility to ensure that they respect the effort taken by the teacher to educate and reach them by being instant in their replies and only using formal language in the exchange of e-mails. You must have the basic knowledge to use the computer which includes attaching files, preventing the chances to deliver blank messages, and avoiding the use of slangs and emoticons.
An internet connection and the possession of the laptop, computer, or smartphone are vital to be carrying on this way of interactions. If homework is still a burden for the students and they are not able to talk about it with their teachers then remember that there are many college homework help service available on the internet to take care of your problem. Visit EMAILYOURHOMEWORK.COM for more details on the matter.


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