Electronic mail or e-mail has been tremendously successful in bridging the gap of communication among the people across the globe. Then why not use its facilities in favor of the educational system as well? Earlier, the students and teachers or professors had to go through the formal chain of communication but with the use of e-mail that communication and exchange of information between the two can be less complicated. It is through the e-mail, that the students will feel more confident in asking the professors themselves for dissertation help or any kind of academic help. An e-mail will also help parents to be more involved in the academic lives of their children because without going to the school or university they will be able to interact with the teacher or professor regarding the performance of their children.
EMAILYOURHOMEWORK.COM states the benefits that the three parties, i.e. parents, teachers, and students, will derive from using e-mail:

  • With e-mail as the means to interact amongst the teachers and students, the teachers will be able to inform the students in one e-mail about the topics, background essays, and other important academic information that he or she wants to let the students know. They will also be able to inform them about the re-scheduled classes or extra lectures that they want to hold.
  • The students too will benefit highly from the e-mail too along with communicating with the teachers, they will also be able to interact amongst themselves and have healthy discussions regarding the syllabus and exchange of ideas. They will have the virtual platform to themselves to talk freely and help out each other in the field of study.
  • It is necessary for the parents and the teachers to interact with each other on the regular basis to discuss the performance of the students. This communication link between the parents and the teachers will also help send the message of responsibility to the students because he or she will realize that he or she cannot cheat either of them in any way. The teachers will be able to inform the parents about the changes in the syllabus and the type of effect it will have on their students, i.e. they will be able to prepare the parents to help their children.

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