In the age of social media, the students assume and treat the task of e-mail as something next to texting or chatting or like any other form of virtual communication. When it comes to e-mailing the professor, the students sometimes sound like they are conversing with a friend or relative who is just available all the time to be present for their assignmenthelp and guidance.
This assumption and mindset of the students are what lowers their reputation and impression in the eyes of the professor and then they see them as a student who has no sense of academic values. However, EMAILYOURHOMEWORK.COM cannot stand to see the students humiliate themselves which is why the following points will tell you what you are doing wrong and how you can make it right:

  • First of all, the subject section that is there in the e-mail option is not to be ignored when sending the e-mail to the professor and instead of filling it with inappropriate words like “help!” or “I am doomed!” write “rhetorical evaluation of the essay”.
  • Even though your professor is not standing in front of you, it will not hurt to greet him respectfully instead of “Hi” or “Hello”, start with “Good evening” according to the hour of the day.
  • Address him or her as professor and then his or her last name so that it looks formal and the message seems readable to the professor.
  • Your friends and family members will accept your spelling, grammar and punctuation errors but the professor cannot so if you do not want to come across as the academic ignorant, use the adequate words and grammar and even check it via software available for the grammar check.
  • Acquaint yourself with the consequences of entitlement, take responsibility for whatever reason you are not able to submit the writing at the right time and do not assume that the professor will be okay with it rather tell him orher that you are ready to face the consequences and maybe that will make him or her treat you with leniency.
  • Not every e-mail has to be strictly about the grades or syllabus, do not flatter the professor but praise him or her on the lecture that he or she gave or the article or any kind of information that you found which seem to be helping for the better understanding of the course.

If you get nervous or have multiple thoughts about how you are going to write the mail to your professor then a little guidance from the homeworkhelpers of collegehomeworkhelp will bring you on the right track.
Your professor deserves respect whether he or she is inside or outside the class and showing him or her that will get you a long way both on the academic as well as personal level.
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