If you have any doubts about the assignment or any write-up given to you by the teacher or the professor then instead of running behind him or her or waiting for him or her to get free, you can simply use the basic 21st century technological means of communication, i.e. e-mail him or her for dissertationhelp. There are certain ways in which you must address the teacher or professor if you really want him or her to reply to you e-mail and not think of you as some academic ignorant. The ways that you should adopt when e-mailing the teacher or professor are:

  • Write a very clear subject because your teacher or professor must be receiving hundreds of e-mails in a day, so if you want him or her to notice your’s then specify in the subject section about who you are and for what purpose you sent that particular mail.
  • Even though you might be outside the classroom it does not mean that you have the right to not respect your professor. In the e-mail, you need to start the content by addressing him or her in a formal manner, i.e. by greeting him or her as per the time of the day or starting with “Sir” or “Madam”.
  • Texting and chatting online must have made you destroy the grammar and the spellings but that is not to be seen by your professor. So, write the e-mail in proper English because this e-mail is similar to the formal application that you learned in the earlier stages of school life.
  • In the content of the e-mail do not beat around the bush because the professor does not have the time or a full day to carry on with reading your e-mail alone. So, be straightforward and state the question or the problem to which you seek answer or help.
  • End the e-mail with “Sincerely or faithfully yours” because as stated above this e-mail is just like a formal application and the end of it should be formal as well. Write your name, class or year if in university and also the phone number just in case he or she wants to sort it out over a call.

While writing the e-mail address of the teacher or professor, just ensure that it is the e-mail ID that he or she uses for interacting with students on the virtual platform and that it is not his or her personal ID. It is because such confusion and ignorance from your part will only make the matter worse.
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